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10-Strike LANState 6.3
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10-Strike LANState 6.3

Publisher:10-Strike Software
Platform:Vista, Windows, Mobile
Requirements:Network (NetBios, ICMP, TCP, UDP must be enabled in your firewall)
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

10-Strike LANState - Monitor network hosts, shared resources, and traffic, get MAC addresses, scan TCP and UDP ports, and be notified when devices turn on or go down. Create network diagram and see your network's state in visual form at any time.

The program includes a number of features for administrators such as sending messages, shutting down and turning on remote computers, ping, name lookup, trace route, obtaining information on remote computers, creating reports, etc. LANState does not require installing any client software on the remote computers on your network.

Main features:

1. Modeling a local area network diagram in a visual mode and then saving the result as a map with images.

2. Monitoring hosts (ICMP ping and connecting to TCP port are supported).

3. Monitoring the usage of your shared resources by other users of the network.

4. Monitoring load of your network card (incoming/outgoing traffic).

5. Searching hosts by ICMP ping or scanning TCP ports.

6. Retrieving computer's network name by its IP address.

7. Notifying on events by playing a sound, writing to log, running program, sending e-mail, etc.

8. Performing actions on devices via the configurable context menu.

9. ICMP, TCP/IP, DNS, ARP, MAC, SNMP monitoring, etc.

List of Changes:

Version 6.3 from 2012-10-26

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Version 6.2 from 2012-04-11

Added the portable mode for the program's operation on USB drives, etc. In this mode the program settings are stored in the program folder. To run the program in the portable mode, run the executable file with the /p command line parameter.

Version 6.1 from 2011-11-17

Added the program's integration with other 10-Strike's network products 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor and 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer.

Version 6.0 from 2011-10-13

Added Windows Event Log monitoring. Added several new network device types. Added creating summary reports on the monitoring stats for selected hosts and for all hosts on all maps. Added SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy support. Pro version: Added the SNMP traps receiving and monitoring.

Version 5.5 from 2011-05-24

Added ability to add images to devices (for example, photographs). Fixed the program hang on retrieving the list of services from an unavailable computer.

Version 5.4 from 2011-03-15

Added sending SMS messages directly via a connected GSM phone. Improved the web interface. Now it works in all modern browsers. Added WMI monitoring, printer monitoring, mapped drive monitoring. Added ability to perform arbitrary SQL requests in the database monitoring check.

Version 5.3 from 2010-09-22

Improved the network discovery feature by supporting the uPnP protocol.

Version 5.1 from 2010-06-08

Improved the network discovery algorithm when scanning network and detecting connection links. Added VLAN support.

Version 5.0 from 2010-04-08

1) Upgraded the program web interface in the Pro version. Now you can switch between all opened network maps in your browser. Network device status is now displayed in the web network map. 2) Added SNMPv3 support which allows working with network devices securely.

Version 4.7 from 2009-09-25

Added displaying zoomed-out network map on the web interface of the program. Improved the network map drawing algorithm. Network icons are arranged on a graph model.

Version 4.6 from 2009-08-05

Added a mechanism for gathering and storing response time stats (results of network monitoring checks). This data is used for generating charts and colorful reports. Now, you can see when a host was down on a chart.

Version 4.5 from 2009-06-20

Added drawing response time charts ("Reports | Response time chart"). Added configuring days of week for maintenance in the scheduled downtime host's settings. Added the Remote Desktop Protocol connection to the context menu.

Version 4.4 from 2009-05-27

Added the installed software audit that allows you to monitor the list of installed applications on remote computers. The program detects new and deleted programs and notifies you about this. Added new actions for alerts: 1) writing to Windows Event Log; 2) executing VB and JS scripts.

Version 4.3 from 2009-02-10

Added ability to perform several attempts of checks before raising alerts. This helps to avoid receiving false alerts when a temporary network outage occurs. Added the MS SQL, MySQL, ODBC Database Server checks that monitor SQL databases and database servers.

Version 4.2 from 2008-12-11

Added ability to use keys in body of e-mail which is sent when a monitoring alert arises. The keys are the same as in screen messages. Disabled showing the OS and state icons when the map is zoomed out.

Version 4.1 from 2008-10-07

Fixed bugs.

Version 3.9 from 2008-04-21

Added the "Connection Table" showing information on devices connected to switches with port numbers. Added retrieving information from SNMP devices via SNMP protocol. Added the "Switch Port" check. You can be assured that a network device is connected to the same switch port.


Create visual network map and monitor hosts.

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File Size: 5.6 Mb
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Latest User Reviews:

Venumohan123 2009-06-24 22:16:16 #
Version: 4.5

Very Good Softwares is this, And i am happy with this.
Thanks for your Softwares and Softwares Developers

Stevenmantle 2008-11-13 04:32:42 #
Version: 4.1

!0-Strike Lanstate Review/Comments

First of all I think this is a GREAT program, very easy to use and would highly recommend it. I found the program in Google as I wanted something to give me a network picture/diagram to help me produce a diagram at our business. I think a good feature to add to this program would be a way to port the information it collects about the network into a Visio diagram, as although it captures a fair bit of information about the network it scans, it is by no means complete. Having said that, if you network is quite small, you can easily move icons around and then just print the results direct from the program. I like using this and if our IT manager agrees then I am sure we will purchase the full license. Good work.

SReed 2008-02-26 23:22:11 #
Version: 3.9

It did show the objects on my little network

Overkill for my little 10 object LAN. Few of the features were exercised here.

UI problems:
Labels on lines behave strangely when lines are angled.
Couldn't figure out how to disconnect lines that had been automatically joined.
Rearranging objects sometimes caused lines to become disconnected from the objects and joined with other lines.
Could not figure out how to move all the lines and the objects together.

Download Now
File Size: 5.6 Mb
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